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  1. i have tried and i find its hard – once timer is run out and person is sent back to same room – i suggest that if no guards nearby or Aliens then person could rewake in location that she went in sleep example when timer runs out the person is in hallway when timer is ran out then come back in hallway but if AI is nearby then its taken to room where she started off

    • Difficulty is a common issue that I’ve run into with this game, and it’s something I’m constantly trying to tweak with the level design. The position reset, however, is pretty integral to the gameplay and the story, so I don’t see that changing. One of the main tenets of the game is maximizing the limited time you have available, and not resetting the position each run would undermine that. That being said, the initial puzzle that is available in this version is probably too difficult, and does not ease the player into the concept. Level design is going to be the focus of the majority of the remaining development time, so hopefully I can get the difficulty curve to a less harsh place.

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