Character Design

This is the description and concept art for the protagonist in my upcoming RPG. I’m still waiting on the logo to announce the game and create profiles on indiedb and the like, but while I wait I thought I’d post a story teaser.


Long, the wandering guardian. By Peter Lin – (Site contains content that may not be appropriate for all audiences).

Long Dai (IPA Spelling: lʊŋ taɪ) was born in the city of J’ing, the ruined remains of the former capital of Zhu’a. J’ing is a trade hub for merchants heading north to sell weapons, and growing up there Long was exposed to a variety of weapons from a very young age. He worked on his family’s farm throughout his childhood, and he fully expected that he would work on that farm until he died. His father had been born there, and generations of his family had lived in that same house from the cradle to the grave.

As he grew up, he gained a fondness for the the weapons he saw passing through the city. No weapon drew his attention more than the sword. The fine lines and simple geometric patterns contrasted with complex motions of a dancing blade. It was more of an art to him; he cared little for its practical application. He split his spare time as a child between practicing the sword forms he saw on the trade routes with sticks and farm tools, and getting himself into the good graces of the traders so he could get closer to the real swords.

Through his childhood he made many friends with many people in the weapon’s trade, and is he reached maturity those friends pushed him toward a career in local politics. It wasn’t something he had ever considered, but he was a natural fit. His honest nature and down-to-earth attitude served him well, and he rose through the ranks quickly. After years of dedication, he was finally appointed mayor of the city of J’ing.

For as much as Long was loved by his city, his brother was quite the opposite. Shan Dai was a criminal, plain and simple. His crimes were mostly petty, though he did have a predilection towards violence. He was jealous of his brother during their childhood; every body loved Long, and he was good at everything he tried. Shan struggled through life, and his brother’s success deepened his resentment for his family.

On the night of Long’s appointment, Shan plunged into a deep despair. In a rage fueled by alcohol and jealousy, he tore through the city, picking fights where he could and evading authorities through the dark alleyways. The next morning he was found passed out and covered in blood, and his victim, an elderly man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, lay dead just around the corner. Shan begged his brother to use his office to save him, but Long refused. His integrity had always been important to him, and Shan felt that his refusal to help was just his way of expressing his superiority.

As the weeks passed, no justice was brought to Shan for his crimes, and rumors began to spread. The beloved mayor was abusing his office to protect his brother. Despite his assurance that this was not the case, and his attempts to personally apprehend his brother, no charges were ever brought. The local law enforcement office had too much respect for Long to bring that kind of shame to his family, but their attempt at protecting him backfired.

With great shame, Long resigned from his office. His family believed the rumors and turned their backs on him. His city, afraid of what his brother might do, and that nobody would stop him, turned him away. Long had nowhere to go, so with his last act in office, he exiled himself as an act of goodwill towards the people. With a thousand shocked faces watching him, Long left his family, his people, and his city behind.

Since that day, Long has roamed the earth, using his skills with a sword to protect the innocent from people like his brother. He will roam, an outsider everywhere he goes, until he can clear his name and his conscience of what happened under his rule as Mayor. He still remembers his family, constantly reminded by the green stone necklace his father gave him as a child, and strives to return there one day with his head held high.