Creature Power

Take control of a can of Creature Power energy drink and wreak as much havoc as you can in two minutes. Create combos to reach as high of a score as possible.

Unleash the beast within!

This game was inspired by fun nonsense games with awkward controls like I Am Bread, Goat Simulator, and QWOP. The controls for this game are intentionally difficult to manage, and that's where most of the fun is supposed to come from. The can uses tank steering controls, allowing you to separately move each side forward or backward. You can also release built-up pressure from inside the can for a quick burst of speed, but much like opening a shaken-up soda, the results can be unpredictable. If you ever get stuck, the reset command should put back in the center of the store so you can keep going.

For those of you who may not get the theme tie-in, the can is a reference to the Monster brand energy drink.